Creating a Culture of Accountability, Not Excuses

Webcast followed by networking event

“There is nothing more frustrating than investing energy and time into a project just to have a team member use an excuse to skirt responsibility. Whether you manage a team or are a member of a team, you will quickly discover that with certain people, excuses are as predictable as clockwork. When responsibility is dodged, effective leaders reframe excuses to taking ownership for identifying problems and for finding solutions.

In this webinar, a relational management expert and professional mediator will teach you how to transform difficult conversations into safe conversations. Learn how to implement a communication framework for holding accountability conversations. Develop the ability to ask focused questions in order to discern when legitimate concerns exist or when someone is abdicating responsibility. Skillfully uncovering root causes of problems, create solutions, and establish personal responsibility and ownership in moving forward.

Elevate your leadership to the next level by transforming the way you communicate while holding others accountable.”

Register here.

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