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Design Employee Benefits That Flex to Fit Every Lifestyle

“Life is full of important moments that matter – the moments when holding the key as a first time home buyer, crossing the finish line of a 10k run, cheering for your 12 months old’s first walk, and so many more. Different stages of life present different moments that are unique to everyone. How can an employer focus on supporting their employees during those life moments when designing employee benefits? What are some best practices to design an employee benefits program that flex to fit everyone’s life with diversity in mind?

In this session, Jason Fan, CEO and co-founder of Forma, will share insights of the past, present and future of employee benefits, unfolding the new way of employee benefits that cater to each employee’s individual life and needs. He will also share best practices on how to identify and close the gap between employers and employees when each perceives benefits differently. And finally some success stories that have seen doubling the impact of flexible benefits with half of the effort to attract, retain and develop top talent.”

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