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Development for Everyone, Right Where They Are, Right Now

In the near future, offering continuous and life-long talent development will be as critical to business success and as expected by employees as offering a fair salary and PTO. Bold, forward-looking L&D leaders sense this and know that whatever got them here surely won’t get them there. The new model empowers companies to support  any employee, in any corner of the organization, with personalized, expert coaching that reaches them right where they are on their unique employee journey. It’s a bold arrow across the bow of traditional L&D models for coaching and mentoring (starting by recognizing that those two animals are quite different from one another and should be serving different goals in any organization). It’s about breaking the old model to rise everyone up — a sentiment that coincidentally has found much greater traction and resonance in the wake of all that occurred in 2020 that affected how work gets done, what employees expect, and how their employers can support them and are responding. The new model of employee development is ideally centered on self-guided coach selection with no minimum enrollment number and collaborative project design. It believes in giving employers, L&D leaders, and employees clear views into their progress and how they’re aligning with the goals and strategies that are important to the workforce and its leadership. Summing it up, you’ll find four bold tenets underpinning the new model for employee development:

  • Development is for everyone (yes, everyone), right where they are in their career journey, and right now.
  • This is a transformative shift that’s not going to be turned around; in today’s continually uncertain world, L&D professionals need to step up or face getting swept aside.
  • It’s time to understand — and acting on the understanding — that everyone in every organization has talent to be developed.
  • This is a coaching argument. Coaching. It’s not about mentoring or peer-to-peer support. It’s about coaching — and coaching works.

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