How Employee Communication Became Key to Great Talent Management

Employee communication has become increasingly important in all organizations, but especially those with more remote employees. In this webcast, we look at which communications trends have emerged and how some organizations are leveraging fast-evolving communication tools and processes to boost talent management effectiveness.

More specifically, we will discuss findings from HR.com’s The Future of Employee Communications, Tools & Processes 2021 study, including:

  • how HR professionals rate their organization’s communication processes, tools and systems
  • how effective HR is at employee communications
  • how organizations measure the success of employee communication
  • how HR listens to and communicates with employees
  • the degree to which managers can effectively communicate
  • the impact of communication on employee experience
  • best practices on how internal communications can make a difference to talent management and the larger organization

In this presentation, you’ll learn about the importance, quality, effectiveness and prevalence of employee communications. We will look at specific practices. For example, which methods and strategies work best in today’s digital world?

You will also gain insights into HR’s employee communication roles. For which types of employee communications is HR most responsible? Which have the largest impact on talent management issues such as engagement, performance and the employer brand?

In addition, you’ll learn about the relationships between the HR and the internal communication (IC) department. How does HR collaborate with IC, and what works best?

Finally, we will dive into the impact of communication trends practices. How do organizations that are excellent at employee communication differ from those that are not? And what is the future likely to bring?

Join Mark Vickers, HR.com’s Chief Research Analyst, as he discusses the results from the study and how they may apply to your organization.

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