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How to Boost Employee and Human Experience in Uncertain Times

“Although the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown has altered various HR and management trends, the critical need to focus on the experiences of employees and other stakeholders has not changed. Before the crisis, many HR professionals had already begun thinking in terms of “employee experience,” and some had expanded that paradigm to encompass the concept of “human experience.” Such experiences are now pivotal as employers and other stakeholders contend with many new professional and personal stresses.

To learn more about the state of employee/human experience, we conducted a survey of today’s HR professionals.

Based on responses from HR professionals participating in the exclusive HR.com survey, this webcast will highlight:

  • how HR professionals rate employee and human experience at their organizations
  • the technologies being used to manage and gauge employee experience
  • the degree to which employees feel empowered, engaged, and inspired by their work
  • the top issues impacting employee experience
  • the top programs/initiatives most important to improving experience
  • the top measurable indicators of employee experience
  • the strategies used by organizations that excel at boosting employee experience
  • the future outlook of employee and human experience

We will start by focusing on HR’s current perspective on the experiences of their employees. We will also look at whether HR professionals view these are becoming more or less important in coming years.

Next, you will learn about HR professionals’ perceptions of experiences in the workplace. Do employees feel empowered? Do they feel they are recognized for their accomplishments? Do they have opportunities to express honest opinions?

Then, we will discuss engagement. How does experience differ from engagement? You will also discover whether HR professionals believe their organizations expend effort on enhancing the employee experience.

We will also examine what organizations do with employee experience data and how/if they measure and evaluate it. What do they view as the top measurable indicators? To what degree are organizations getting a return on investments in its experience-enhancing programs/initiatives?

Next, we will discuss what factors separate organizations characterized by very positive employee experiences from those in which experiences are not as positive.

Finally, you will learn about the future of the overall employee experience. How do HR professionals feel experience-focused strategies and tactics will change over the next three years?

Join Debbie McGrath, CEO at HR.com, and Mark Vickers, Chief Research Analyst and Data Wrangler, HR.com as they discuss the results from the survey and how they may apply to your organization.”

Register here. 

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