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How To Lose an Employee in Ten Days… and How to Keep that New Hire Fire

“Most leaders would agree that finding, evaluating and hiring great talent is a top priority, and doing so successfully can be a huge difference-maker in their organization. But what happens on day one for new hires? What about day 5 or 10? Wouldn’t it be a shame to invest all that time and resources into finding the right people only to kill the excitement they bring to your organization with lackluster onboarding?

Only 12% of employees think their company onboards new hires well. That’s a pretty dismal number and shows room for improvement for those organizations that want to do better (which is all of us, right?) Join us as we dive into the end-to-end process of onboarding and examine what most companies get wrong, and how to get things right.

Onboarding is much more than the few meetings an employee has on their first day. It begins much earlier—from the moment the prospective employee notices your organization—and extends well into their first year. We’ll examine how company branding, job postings, and interviews help set expectations for new hires, and we’ll look at how to avoid the common bait-and-switch feeling that many new hires feel when starting a new job.

A new hire’s first day is incredibly important in setting the tone…”

Details here.

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