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How to Retain Employees with a Great Workplace Experience

“In an era when all-too-many employees have left their jobs and hiring is a major challenge, employers are focused on improving the employee experience.

To learn more about the state of employee/human experience, we conducted a major survey of today’s HR professionals as well as of employees themselves.

Based on the responses of these exclusive HR.com surveys, this webcast will highlight:

  • how HR professionals rate the employee experience at their organizations
  • which types data HR uses to measure employee experience
  • how employers and employees compare in terms factors such as:

– engagement
– empowerment
– recognition
– work/balance
– needed resources
– and more…

  • which technologies are being used to track, gauge and otherwise manage employee experience
  • the top issues the positively and negatively impact employees experience
  • the top priorities of today’s employees (and whether HR understands them!)
  • the expected future of employee experience
  • the key differences between organizations with and without great employee experiences

We will start by looking at how HR professionals and employees themselves view their workplace experiences. More specifically, we will look at how their viewpoints compare in specific areas such as engagement, recognition, and more.

Next, you will learn about how HR is tracking and gauging employee experiences. What techniques and tools are being used?

Next we will compare how employers and employees compare in terms of the issues they believe are driving and hindering the employee experience. How good an understanding does HR have of employees? How has the move toward more remote and/or hybrid work arrangement influenced experience?

You will also learn about how employers and employees feel about the near-term future of employee experiences. What’s expected and predicted?

Finally, you will learn about which organizations that are good at enhancing the employee experience compared with those that are not as good. How do their approaches differ? Do they use different metrics and technologies?

In short, this presentation will be a snapshot of the employee experience today and how it may look a few years from now.

Join Debbie McGrath, CEO at HR.com and Mark Vickers, Chief Research Analysts at the HR Research Institute, as they discuss the results from the survey and how they may apply to your organization.”

Register here.

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