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How today’s best organizations retain their best employees in 2022

“By now, many of us have probably heard enough about “Great Resignation,” a term coined in May 2021 to describe the enormous number of employees–particularly in the United States–who resigned from their jobs. Resignation rates may have declined a little in recent months, but organizations continue to battle to retain their best employees, especially those with hard-to-find skills. It is therefore critical for organizations to get an in depth look at the recent trends affecting employee retention and craft a suitable set of strategies.

To learn more about how organizations have been dealing with employee turnover, we fielded our State of Employee Retention survey in July and August of 2022. This webcast highlights the findings in a number of key areas:

  • the external and internal trends affecting employee retention
  • primary effects of high employee turnover on organizations
  • retention-related metrics utilized by organizations
  • initiatives utilized to improve employee retention
  • how the practices of organizations with better employee retention differ from those with higher turnover rates

We will start by reporting on the major trends affecting employee retention today. What is driving turnover today, and how high a priority is retention for HR and for senior leadership? How do organizations compare in terms of their retention “maturity models”?

Then you will learn what HR professionals view as the most damaging effects of turnover on their organizations. How do organizations measure employee turnover and determine its various causes?

Next, we will explore practices and strategies. What are the top goals of today’s retention strategies? Which specific practices are employers using in terms of total rewards, corporate culture, talent management and more?

Finally, we will compare and contrast organizations that are more effective at employee retention with those that are less effective. What seem to be the more effective approaches and strategies?

Join Mark Vickers, Chief Research Analyst and Data Wrangler at HR.com as he discusses the results from the study and how these insights may apply to your organization.”

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