Performance Management Trends and Best Practices in 2022

“In many organizations, performance management (PM) has undergone a radical transformation from the once-a-year, high-stakes appraisals that have too often been both criticized and dreaded. The evolution has been to a more strategic and continuous approach that stresses not only performance but engagement and development.

To learn more about how organizations have been adapting their PM systems and processes, we fielded our most recent State of Performance Management survey in 2022. This webcast highlights the findings in a number of areas:

  • The effects of recent social and workforce changes on PM
  • The key drivers and benefits of performance management
  • The components of successful performance management systems
  • Performance management tools and technologies
  • Managers’ skill sets and accountability in key PM area
  • How organizations with more effective PM differ from other organizations
  • The near-term future of performance management

We will start by reporting how performance management has changed in recent years. Have more performance discussions occurred remotely? How frequently? Has there been more emphasis on short-term agility rather than long-term performance goals, and how will this change in the coming year?

Then we will explore the common objectives for organizations while designing performance management. We will also look at its impact on various organizational goals, such as employee development, engagement and, of course, individual and organizational performance.

Next, we will present the analysis of commonly used methods, features, metrics, tools and technologies associated with PM today.
For instance, do PM systems accurately portray employee performance? Has continuous feedback been incorporated into them?

Another key part of our discussion will be devoted to management and leadership. How skilled are leaders at managing performance? Are they good at having conversations about performance, and are they themselves satisfied with current systems?

You will also learn what organizations that are more effective at PM are doing differently than those that still feel as their systems are less effective.

Finally, we will look at the near-term future of PM. What do HR professionals and others want from PM? How will it evolve over the next couple of years?
Join Mark Vickers, Chief Research Analyst and Data Wrangler at HR.com as he discusses the results from the study and how these insights may apply to your organization.”


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