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Reimagining Employee Experience with Engagedly’s E3 Framework

“Future of Workplace and talent management asks for a more holistic approach to Employee Experience. This needs to include not only better alignment and sense of purpose for the employee but a “whole self” based approach. Today’s technologies help a better employee experience through many of their social and people led features that are purpose build for hybrid workforce. At Engagedly, we propose the E3 Model – Execute, Enable & Engage – which will help companies leverage technology to create an experience that is more likely to attract, retain and develop desired employees. Each of the E3 Model components support an improved employee experience and facilitate performance enablement.

The first pillar in this model is about executing against the company’s business objectives by aligning employees to the company’s key strategic goals and the desired business outcomes that have been set by the leadership. Individuals and teams can then set their goals and plans that align with company- or department-level objectives designed to execute the business strategy.

Enablement is about building a supportive environment focused on feedback, coaching and development. Today’s technologies represent a step-change in performance improvement. The role of a manager in this environment transforms into a coach who gathers information and provide advice to improve performance.

The final component in the E3 model is about connecting people, which is critical to employee engagement. Several studies have shown a direct correlation between engagement, productivity and retention. Technology has enabled greater engagement through social collaboration tools; but they also have the capability to provide recognition from peers, managers, or direct reports on the impact they are making in achieving shared goals. Providing recognition to employees for the work they have done is a key element for retention.”

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