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Strategic Mentoring: Your best weapon to attract, develop and retain talent.

“Employee expectations have shifted. Values have changed. Working from home has become a way of life, and employees are seeking more purpose from their careers. The question is, does your organization have the programs in place to provide the support your employees need to grow in ‘the new workplace’?

Join us as we delve into the process of strategic mentoring and the important role it plays in organizational health. We will explore the impacts of mentoring on attraction, development and retention, and learn that not all mentoring programs are created equal.

We will unpack what sets a quality mentoring program apart from others to deliver impactful results for your organization, and what the risks are of not doing it well. Gain insights on key questions to ask yourself when establishing a program and the steps required to deliver a program that will achieve results.

Our compelling case studies demonstrate the true value of mentoring success. We are seeing a more strategic approach to mentoring being adopted by Government Organizations, Associations and Corporates. They have seen the difference strategic mentoring has made and continues to make within their organizations across a range of mentoring types.

The team at Art of Mentoring are experts in strategic mentoring program design, including Womens’ Programs, High Potential Talent, Diversity Mentoring, Ethical Mentoring, Graduate Mentoring, and many more.

If you’re not taking a strategic approach to mentoring, we can assure you, the organizations that are, are already attracting, developing and retaining the talent you want for your business.”


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