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The Art of Goal Setting

“Goals are a proven method for engaging and motivating employees. When goals are achievable, they boost employee confidence, lead to small wins, and contribute to positive organizational outcomes. Of course, when goals are implemented and aligned correctly the impact on productivity is amplified at the team level. Difficult goals produce significantly higher team performance, and team goals enhance collaboration by providing clarity on expectations, ownership, and purpose. The effective use and alignment of team goals is one of the most powerful ways to enhance performance and drive success at the team level.

Decades of research show the positive impact goal setting has on performance. As a result of setting goals, the typical increase in employee productivity equates to $9,200 for people with an average salary of $50,000.
Further, a 2014 Stanford University study shows that having goals and a collaborative sense of purpose improves understanding of team success criteria and also enhances information flow and decision making quality.

Continuous goal management means that employees do not need to set goals on a specified cadence or update them at regular intervals. Rather, employees are encouraged, in this approach, to set goals in alignment with how they get their work done. The key to a continuous approach to goals is that more regular discussions about goals, goal progression or potential barriers, and goal relevancy (setting priorities) are conducted.

In this session, you will learn the differences between SMART goals, OKRs, KPIs, and Development goals. You’ll also learn when, where and how to utilize those different types of goals as well as how to best utilize goal setting for ongoing performance coaching and development.”

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