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The Bell Mentoring Program – Connecting Talent and Building Better Careers

“Join Angel Prescott (Senior Manager – Talent Development at Bell & BCE) as she shares how to build a program that is measureable, sustainable and has impact. The Bell Mentoring Program was launched to leaders in September of 2022. Over 16K employees are eligible to participate as a Mentor, a Mentee or both. Using an AI driven platform, the program helps to connect Mentors and Mentees in a confidential partnership using smart algorithms to match people based on their skill proficiencies and development areas. The program also offers a language paring ability and cross organization access to mentorship. Mentees in the program have the opportunity to ask questions, receive guidance on work challenges and learn more about advancing their career. Mentors are able to hone their listening, leadership and coaching skills, and learn new perspectives while sharing their own experiences and expanding their organizational influence.

In this session, you will…”

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