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The Future of Cookie Control, Consumers and Commerce

Customer expectations for both personalization and data-privacy are high and continuing to gain prominence. Not only do they expect digital experiences to be tailored to their interests, but they also want to be involved with the data used to drive them. They want to have control over what’s being collected and how it’s being used, including their payment preferences, device choices, subscription history — you name it.  And they’re completely in the right. For years, marketers have been simultaneously complaining about data deluge and delivering sub-par experiences. It doesn’t add up. As stricter data privacy laws are implemented across channels in 2021, the problem will shift from too much data to not enough usable data. A failure to strategize around this shift will certainly spell doom for businesses, and most likely result in low acquisition and high churn rates.  Join Bloomreach and Exponea as we dive into:

  • The responsible use of data in digital experiences
  • Creating highly personalized experiences using that data
  • Pivoting in the face of stricter data privacy laws in 2021

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