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The Power of Holding Things: How Touch Encourages Consumers to Buy

“Have you ever felt your mood transform after holding a warm cup of coffee, touching a cozy blanket or flipping through a colorful, inviting magazine?

According to neuroscience, tactile experiences shift our perceptions, enhance desire and even spur us to make a purchase. Many marketers today are taking note, returning to sensory-rich experiences to counter digital noise and sustain recall. This new webinar focuses on the impact of tactile stimuli on buyer perceptions and decisions. Webinar participants will better understand:

  • How digital overload is making it tougher for brands to attract and sustain consumers’ attention online
  • The neuroscience of touch and how brands can drive desire, recall and spend with tactile experiences
  • How print and other physical communications formats impact consumer perceptions and responses…”

Register here.

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