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The State of Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising 2022

“This virtual event will focus on the related topics of employer branding, recruitment advertising and recruitment marketing. An organization is good at employer branding if it is able to leverage its brand to effectively communicate its identity to current and potential employees. These branding initiatives influence how companies develop, represent and disseminate their job advertisements. Employer branding is vital during challenging times when organizations may be under intense talent-management-related pressures.

Through this event, we will reflect on the good news and bad news when it comes to employer branding and recruitment advertising. We will explore how some organizations have intentionally created and managed their employer brands. We will also discuss how some organizations have not consciously forged and nurtured their employer brands, thereby allowing their brands to be shaped by forces beyond their control.

We will present information on how HR professionals ensure their job advertisements and recruitment marketing practices represent their employer brand, how this affects recruitment success, and which media are used to communicate their brands. The event will also shed light on which employer branding and job advertising strategies seem most effective. Finally, we will discuss how HR professionals view the future of these fast-evolving trends.”

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