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The War for Talent: Using Employer Reputation Metrics to Improve Your Competitive Advantage

In this session, we will discuss how to understand and interpret employer ratings and reviews for developing employer reputation strategies. Talent acquisition professionals will learn how to:

  • Interpret ratings and reviews
  • Benchmark reputation metrics
  • Understand categories of ratings and how to interpret them
  • Segment ratings across employee categories such as DEI
  • Fold employer reputation into market insights and people analytics strategies
  • Drill deeper into sentiment or emotion
  • Analyze historical trends
  • Explore review opinions

Employer reputation has never been more important that it is now. Record job openings and quit rates exacerbated by career restructuring and remote work have changed the recruiting landscape. According to Glassdoor, over 80% of job seekers say brand reputation is important and they are likely to research company reviews and ratings when deciding to apply for a job. Further, recent articles have highlighted the importance of work-life balance, diversity, and purpose among others which are contributing to massive movement in the job market.

Talent acquisition professionals have historically reacted to ratings and reviews. Most know their own ratings and reviews, but don’t know how to explore the data for competitive advantage. In addition, nearly 40% of employer reviews come from current employees presenting an opportunity for continuous improvement. Business intelligence tools and textual analytics are the key to unlocking the potential of reputational data.

This session will briefly cover textual analytics and the use of self-service Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence and artificial intelligence technologies. We will demonstrate numerous practical illustrations and use cases to help the talent acquisition professional understand how to use and interpret the data.

Agenda includes:

  • Why employer reputation is more important than ever
  • The pros, cons, and myths of employer ratings
  • The difference between ratings and reviews
  • Leveraging ratings categories for continuous improvement
  • Using business intelligence tools for exploring reputational metrics
  • Segmenting employees to meet diversification (DEI) objectives
  • Understanding sentiment scores and how to apply them
  • Mining review opinions to gain insights for continuous improvement”

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