A new platform to support our community

At Retail Florida, we are proud to announce the launch of a new platform supported with an online site, a Twitter, a Facebook and an Instagram account for the enjoyment of visitors to our properties, as well as our tenants. This site and social media accounts will be an additional communication channel to keep visitors up to date with news, events and specials happening in our properties and the businesses that make part of our community.

If you are a tenant wanting to participate simply tag us every time you have something you want to share, including news about your business, events, or specials. You can also include one of our hashtags to specify the type of content you are providing: #retailflorida_news, #retailflorida_events, #retailflorida_specials.

If you are a visitor, we hope you enjoy the benefits of being part of this platform. Don’t forget to tag us in your visits and subscribe to get our newsletter to avoid missing out on the events and specials happening close to you.