T-Mobile Adds Microsoft 365 To Small Business Plans

Managing a small business is difficult as it is already during this pandemic-affected economic climate. Having to manage connectivity and IT and pay for both is just another added layer of complexity for many business owners. To address two of those challenges at once, T-Mobile is offering a new set of small business rate plans to include Microsoft 365.

T-Mobile is taking Small Business seriously with these two new Magenta Business plans; T-Mobile markets its small business plans as Magenta for Business. This Magenta for Business is an offshoot of the company’s Magenta plans for consumers with the top plan being Magenta Plus. T-Mobile has designed The Magenta for Business and Magenta Plus for Business plans for businesses with 12 lines or fewer. The traditional Business Unlimited plans are for companies with 13 or more lines. Magenta for Business includes a single Microsoft 365 Basic license for a single line or two licenses for two lines or more at $40 per line and is a $5 per month value.

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